Parent & Family Testimonials

  • "We appreciate being a part of a community with a lot of original thinkers and parents with unique talents who give a lot to the students through extracurricular programs. The school forms a very strong community that is the fabric of our lives."
    -The Morgan-Gillyard Family

    Bass Family

    The Bass Family l to r: Taylor, Brooklyn, Payton and mom, Marshell.

    "My girls have thrived in the school district. I am one of those parents who is involved and very present and I have had nothing but support from the principal, the teachers and administration. You get out what you put into it but I can honestly say that there is something for everyone. The academic programs are strong and my girls have participated in so many activities."-Marshell Bass

     "We love the diversity in U City. Our kids are confortable with friends of different races, religions, economic levels and beliefs. We believe this leads them to a better understanding of others and of themselves."
    -The Wurst Family

    "I want to thank University City public schools. It has been an amazing ride for my kids. From kindergarten to high school. Teachers who care and are deeply invested. I have two very, very different types of kids and both thrived at U City because the teachers recognized each one's strengths and helped them nurture those strengths. As he gets ready to graduate from U City, my son has had personal interviews with representatives from MIT, Harvard, Yale, and Columbia. Please tell me where his school has failed him. Because all I see is an incredibly bright future. I sincerely hope your kids are allowed to flourish in the same way as mine.” Melissa Redmond Tschampel

    "Our son has had nothing but oustanding teachers. They have been the most hard-working, dedicated, smart, positive and caring professionals we have known. If you ask our son who his favorite teacher has been he will tell you, 'all of them!'"
    -The Kerber Family

    "We liked the sense of community we felt when visiting the school for our oldest child. We stay because we are pleased. We like the education, the strong teachers who are aware of student needs, and the diversity in the student population."
    -The Wright-Jones Family

    "Our son is currently a kindergartener at Jackson Park and I want to share some thoughts on our experience so far and encourage other families to check it out for themselves. My wife and I have lived in U City for ten years and our eldest son started kindergarten this year. We did not grow up in St. Louis so our school opinions were almost entirely informed by friends and neighbors. Most of the families in our neighborhood send their kids to private schools simply because "that's just what you do." We toured some very nice private schools. We also visited Jackson Park (twice) because we wanted to give our public school a fair shake. We agonized over the decision and, in the end, we chose to send our son to Jackson Park. Six months in, we are very happy with our decision. Any feelings of uncertainty about whether our son would receive a quality education or whether he would fit in with the other kids quickly went away. Our son's class is small (only 12 kids!) and reflects the diversity of U City. He is doing very well academically, already reading at a first grade level. We have been involved in several extracurricular clubs, activities and events. The entire faculty is friendly and helpful. I'm constantly surprised about how many teachers and staff members know my son by name, including the Principal. In closing, if you are preparing to send your preschooler to kindergarten next year, I highly recommend that you check out your public school. You might be pleasantly surprised!"
    -Daniel Hawks (Posted to Nextdoor)